Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Being Honest With Myself About Book Buying

Here in the book blogging community we understand each other - our love of the written word, how great it feels to discover a new author, the joy it brings sharing our thoughts on books with other like minded people, connecting in general with people who feel the same way you do about books, and the thing that this post stems from, book buying habits. And how hard it is to not buy books!
I've been on a 'book buying ban' since mid September. My self imposed ban came when I decided I wanted to invest in a good quality DSLR camera... Around mid October I decided I didn't actually want to fork out the cash for a better camera (various reasons for this, but a main one being my lack of committal when it comes to spending A LOT of money on one item... Goodness knows how picky I'll be when it comes to buying a house!). Although I didn't have an end goal in sight anymore, I didn't scrap my book buying ban, I still wanted to stay on track as it would help me to complete my TBR challenge.

Well, if you're a regular reader here on Reading With Jade, you'll know that I've fallen off track. I've bought books between September and now. In fact, multiple books. And I told myself it was okay because they weren't just your average book, I wasn't amassing 10+ books at one time, you know the drill.

The truth is very simple though; I failed my book buying ban, as I have done with all previous book buying bans. I didn't even make it three months. I recognise that probably sounds terrible... I couldn't go three months without buying a book, and yet I don't feel terrible about it. As much as I tell myself I shouldn't be buying book, I want to, books make me happy, ergo, buying books makes me happy. It's not exactly the worst habit to have.

So where exactly am I going with this?

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my book buying, the rate at which I read, what I hope to accomplish with my personal book collection and just a lot of book related things in general. I've come to a conclusion, a resolution to my book collection not getting out of control. Not a ban, but a challenge. I like a challenge.

Wanting to keep on top of my TBR, as well as my book buying, in the new year I aim to buy no more than four books a month. Why four? Well, in your average month I read four books (one a week). Being that I like to borrow from the library too, those four books won't make my TBR for a month, but keeping the amount of books I buy a year to less than 50 means I can keep a hold on my TBR as well as keeping my book collection to just the one small bookshelf I own.

I can get fancy with words, but I know my ban and this challenge are quite closely knitted together, however I think this challenge will work... Scrap that, I know it will. It's feasible, it's perfectly doable, it'll make me think more carefully about the books that I do buy, and I'm comfortable in the knowledge that no more than 48 books will bought next year.

How do you feel about your book buying? Will you be making any alterations to your current method in the new year?


  1. I know banning myself will end in disaster. I just can't do it. Lol. Luckily I don't spend a lot of money - my biggest issue is requesting books on Netgalley and falling behind on reading them. But when I want to buy a book, I have a quick trigger finger (like this morning - Amazon makes it TOO easy for me). I guess if book buying is the worst thing we do, we're doing alright. ;)

    Good luck!! I hope you are successful with your challenge.

    1. From my experience, it always ends in disaster! Haha! I'm not complaining though.

      Yes! Previous times I blogged Netgalley was such a weakness! It's so easy to request and then the books mount up. I have trigger finger too. Haha! Amazon is my weakness, as is a company we have here in the UK called The Book People - they do the best deals on books, and so I think to myself I've got to get it now before it's gone!

      I agree, there are many more worse things we could be spending on. Thank you, Brandie!

  2. That sounds very reasonable! I have such trouble with book buying bans myself...even though I KNOW I have probably a decade's worth of reading material already, I am often lured by new books too...I've been thinking about a game plan for 2016, but I haven't come up with one yet! Maybe a post for the new year once I've decided :)

    1. I think having a manageable challenge as opposed to just restricting is so much better, and easier to do. When you restrict something, you only want it more!

      Haha! I look forward to seeing what you implement for the coming year.

  3. I limited myself to 5 books a month for this year, and it has worked remarkably well! It worked out to 5 books a month on average, because some months I bought one and some months I bought 12. I actually have 7 books left that I could buy before the end of the year, because I was so good in October and November. Good luck with your four book monthly limit! I am living proof that it actually works! :)

    1. Ah, it's good to hear of an experience that has been successful, especially seen as your book count was pretty close to mine. Congrats on doing so well with your challenge! I haven't decided if I'll carry books over yet, that's one thing still up in the air.


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