Thursday, 14 April 2016


One | I finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia! I've been reading the series since early on in the year, but have been keeping the books as a stop gap read as opposed to primary reads, and that's why it took me so long to get through the series. I see myself returning to them in the future for sure.

Two | Recently I've really gotten in to wax melts, specifically, I bought the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece, and I love it! Everyone loves a good candle, but not me over here, oh no - I have a fear of fire, so buying a wax melt is the perfect substitute. I've tried four scents so far, with the Black Cherry and Lemon Lavender being my favourites. I'm not gonna lie, I was kind of put off initially buy the price of the melts given the relatively short melt time, but honestly a little goes a long way. Often times I don't even plug the warmer in, I just pop a melt cup in taking the lid of and within 10 minutes or so the scent is in the air - they're powerful, but in a good way. If you have the same wax melt as me, be sure to share any of the scents you've tried in the comments below.
Three | Something I've been juggling these past few weeks is finding a balance. Alexander (my toddler son) has recently dropped his afternoon nap and so I've effectively lost an hour an a half in the day that was 'me time'. I love having the extra time with him, don't get me wrong, but finding the time to do everything in a day is definitely a juggling act now.
Four | With toddler due to start part time nursery early next year, I've been doing some thinking about the direction I'm going in life. I'm currently a stay at home mum, and am happy to have the opportunity to do so, but I'm also someone who very much enjoys work, and so once my son starts school full time (this is not for a couple of years yet) I'm keen to return to work in some capacity. I've been toing and froing about what exactly I hope to do, and have finally recently settled on a plan of action. It feels good to have come to a decision and I hope that the plan comes to fruition - it means retraining, which is equal parts exciting and nerve wracking.
Five | It looks like we'll be getting a pet in the coming months. We had intended to get goldfish as a first family pet, but that decision has since changed to hamsters instead. I'm not that much of a pet person, and so I've left most of the decision making to my partner on this. Ultimately he would like us to have rabbits (he had them whilst growing up), and we hope to in the future, but once we have a house of our own (we won't get started on the UK house market right now - nightmare!) and so we have decided to add hamsters to our family instead. We won't be getting them until after we return from our mini holiday next month, but a lot of research has been done of late and we've now started stocking up on all the necessities.
Six | I'm thinking of doing a book inventory on my book collection. I don't have the biggest collection in the world, but I've been thinking it would be nice to have my collection laid out in written form in some capacity or another. I might share it here, given that this is my go to place for all things bookish. Have you ever compiled an inventory on your book collection? If so, how did you go about it?
Seven | I've signed up for Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. I wasn't too sure about committing to the readathon to begin with, but taking part in more bookish blog events is a goal of mine for 2016 and so I just thought, go for it! I've heard so much positive feedback surrounding the event, and honestly, this particular readathon is the event that springs to mind first when I think of bookish blog events and so it would be silly not to take part really! Despite my hesitation to begin with, I'm really excited to participate and have even picked my TBR already. If you're taking part in the readathon, have you picked out any books yet?


  1. I'm terrified of fires, too! It's probably my biggest fear, so I rarely burn candles (and I'm that person who checks to make sure my flat iron is unplugged about 100 times before leaving in the morning). I love wax melts! I have a few Scentsy burners that I use, and I just buy cheap Glade wax at the store. They definitely don't last as long as the more expensive ones, but they still smell good. My favorite scent is apple cinnamon. Even though it seems like a holiday scent, I love it all year round.

    I haven't signed up for Dewey, although I have done it a few times in the past. My challenge is having a 5 year old that needs constant attention. If I could get her to entertain herself all day...but it's unlikely. I'm still considering it, though. I want to make it work somehow!

    Pets are definitely a big decision. They take a lot of work and responsibility. I'm a cat lover, and love that they are pretty self sufficient. I've always had a dog until the past year when I had to put my dog down, and I have no desire to get another one right now, despite my husband's pleas. I just don't want to be strapped down with that responsibility - the having to let it out and worry about it constantly. Especially if we start with a puppy - then you have to house train it. Ugh! I'm not ready for any of that, so I keep telling him no right now.

    It's so hard to find a balance with a child, but it's also SO important for your wellbeing. I hope you're able to work in some time for yourself. My daughter has stopped napping for me on the weekends, but I make her have quiet time with a movie at some point in the day, just so I can sit down and have a bit of peace, read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee. It's really important for us moms to get that break!!

    It's wonderful that you have a plan to enter back into the workforce in the future. I can understand wanting to work again once your son is in school. I think it's great!

    1. Fire is definitely up there as one of my biggest fears. We've always had candles in the house, but they rarely got lit because I wouldn't and my partner never really thought to. The wax melt is definitely a great alternative, especially for peace of mind!! I'm very much the same; I like holiday scents year round. We have a wall plug in upstairs and that has a apple spice holiday scent in it... And I've got a few back ups too. Haha!

      Dewey is definitely hard to do with a little one, that's one of the reasons I haven't taken part in past years. I'm lucky that my partner works Mon-Fri, so they're going to be having a daddy son day whilst mummy is tucked away nose in a book. Haha! I hope you find some sort of solution! Maybe you could just make a conscious effort to read a little more than usual on that day.

      Yes - pets are such a big responsibility and commitment! I've never had a pet that required house training in any way, but I can see how that could be challenging and very time consuming.

      I think often times as parents that's something we do forget about - making time for us - but I've come to learn just how important for our wellbeing it is, as you say. Alexander tends to play quite nicely independently often, but then other times he is like my little shadow and a rest with a cuppa is much needed by the end of the day!

      Alexander will start part time nursery this coming January (at age 3) and then start full time school when he is 5. I know being a SAHM continues for many throughout the school years, but I think I'd be a little lost in myself if I didn't return to work at some point.

      I hope your run went well this weekend! :-)

  2. Oh, I can totally relate to the issues of when or even if to return to work. I went through this a few times.

    My first two were three-and-a-half and 18 months when I returned to work, of necessity, as I was going through a divorce.

    Then with the next two, in a new marriage, I went to work when my third child was 8 months old, then took off work when I was pregnant with my fourth, and returned when she was 18 months old. And never stopped again.

    Until now, when they are all grown and I'm retired.

    I really enjoyed the occasional stints as a SAMH. But also, eager to get back to work, as by then, I had a career.

    I would love to do a book inventory. So far, all I've done is count the physical books, but not recently.

    I do have a page on one of my blogs that lists recent purchases and reads.


    1. It's wonderful having the opportunity to be a SAHM but I do think I'd go a little stir crazy when my son enters full time school - I wouldn't know what to do with myself and feel a little lost as a person almost. It sounds like your stints at home worked well for you at the time. It's important to figure out what works for you.

      I have a relatively small book collection, and so my thought process is that if I complete one now then it'll be more manageable to keep up with than undergoing an inventory when my collection is double the size or something. At the time I'm replying - a little late, sorry - I have actually completed an inventory, and it was a lot less work than I thought it would be.

  3. Doing Dewey's but tbr will depend on what I don't complete during this week's #springintohorror readathon - 1 scary of any genre, then any books are a go - at SeasonsofReading blog.

    I inventory my books on goodreads - if you open the extra info link at bottom of review frame, you can click on 'own a copy'. Similar to librarything's 'own' shelves. Hoping that's helpful. Otherwise, spreadsheets?

    Nice to have had time to sort out a few new directions! well done & Best thoughts for your week ahead ...

    1. CONGRATS on completing the Narnia series !! Definitely a worthwhile accomplishment ;)

    2. You've got a couple of readathons on the go at the moment then - lots of enjoyable reading I hope!

      I had no idea about the Goodreads thing, so thanks for sharing that, very helpful! I'm still such a beginner on Goodreads despite having used the site for years now - I'm not so good at exploring all the functions.

      I'm so glad to have finally completed the Narnia series - those books have been on my wishlist for a while!

      Thank you, I hope you're having a wonderful week :-)

  4. I have put off Dewey's many times in the past, mostly because - life. But not this time. With a toddler son - my life is always crazy, I just need to make the time, and so, in-spite of an extremely busy Saturday - I am taking the plunge and doing the readathon. Though for me, it's not the number of books, but the number of hours that I will put in - my goal is 8 hours at-least.

    1. YES! I know how you feel about putting it off. This year I'm making a conscious effort to take part in more bookish events and Dewey's was definitely up there. I wish you the best of luck with the readathon!

  5. I hope you manage to get some reading done for the readathon!


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