Tuesday, 29 August 2017

READING WITH MY THREE YEAR OLD | A Week of Bedtime Stories (August)

At the start of summer I mentioned sharing more about the books I read with my son, and since then have yet to actually share more than that one post... So here's to more chatter about picture books!

Today I've collected together the books we've read each night over the past seven days, and I thought I'd talk a little about them.

How to Find Gold by Viviane Schwarz

Anna and Crocodile are two friends, full of imagination, who go on an adventure to find gold. Their antics include drawing maps, diving into the sea, uncovering treasure and then deciding what to do with their gains. As a parent reading this book to my child, I really enjoyed the humour that was weaved into the narrative.

Gigantosaurus by Jonny Duddle

I can't even tell you how many times I have read this book now!

As four dino friends wander through their landscape, they keep an eye out for the Gigantosaurus, a fearsome dinosaur their parents have warned them about. One of the dinosaurs is a little bit mischeivious however, with elements of 'the boy who cried wolf' running through the story.

The Wild Woods by Simon James

This is a newer book to Alexander's collection, gifted to him by a relative, but one he very much enjoyed. We follow Jess and her grandad as they have a woodland walk, with the young girl wanting to take animals home with her.

Conker and Nudge by Adria Meserve

The two title characters within this book are anteaters and brothers, with big brother Conker finding himself bothered by his little brother, Nudge, as he is forever copying him and wanting to play. There is moral to the story when Nudge ends up saving the lives of Conker and his friends.

This Book Just Ate My Dog! by Richard Byrne

A short but interactive book, the title says it all - Bella's dog gets lost inside the pages of the book and she needs the help of the reader to retrieve him again. A fun read!

Ten Little Dinosaurs by Mike Brownlow & Simon Rickerty

Ten Little Dinosaurs is a counting book that's full of rhythm and rhyme which makes for a great introduction to numbers. Alexander is far beyond the number ten in his counting skills now, but he still loves picking this book up every now and again.

Spinderella by Julia Donaldson & Sebastien Braun

Another counting book... I've spoken about Spinderella in a different post of mine, which you can read here.
So there you have it, a week of bedtime reading with my three year old son.


  1. Lots of great books here. I always loved reading with my son when he was that age. Great bonding moments :)

    1. Reading is one of my favourite activities to enjoy with my little one :-)

  2. What wonderful book choices! I love bedtime stories and I'm wishing I had found How to Find Gold, Wild Woods, and The Book Just Ate My Dog! when my son was younger. I think he would have loved them! I do like when the author manages to weave humor into a kids book! Makes it much more fun to read.

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll be sure to check these out for my little guy.

    1. I hope you're able to enjoy some of these titles together :-)


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