Wednesday, 11 October 2017

READING WITH MY THREE YEAR OLD | Library Book Haul (October)

For this month's instalment of 'Reading with my Son', I thought I'd share some of the titles he has recently borrowed from the library.

Here in the UK this week, 9th October - 14th October, is libraries week. The week is one for showcasing all the benefits and positives of our library systems and celebrating all the good a library can do for a community - whether that be a local town library or a school library etc. As many of you know, I do advocate the use of libraries here on Reading with Jade... As a reader I regularly borrow titles, new and old, from my local library and as a parent I make a point of visiting the library with my son every week or so.

Below you'll find five children's books we've loved and enjoyed over the past couple of weeks, all borrowed from the library, and also renewed as they were loved that much!

A traditional counting rhyme with awesome superhero powers (and a super shiny red foil cover!)
Evil super villain Monstro and his dastardly League of Bad Guys look set to destroy the city, will the Super Hero Kids have the super powers to defeat them?

This series offers familiar settings and popular characters, with lots of things to spot and count on every page in a variety of action packed settings, set within a clever reworking of a traditional counting rhyme, weaving a clever tale which provides a rich and effective first step to learning.

Fans of Thomas & Friends can experience all the action from the hit movie in this exciting storybook!

When Thomas travels off the Island of Sodor, he’s in for a big adventure … but what if he can’t make it back? Relive the excitement from the movie with Thomas, James and Percy, plus meet new engines Lexi, Theo and Merlin.

Tiger is fast asleep. But — oh dear! — she’s completely blocking the way. Just how will the animals get past without waking her up? Luckily, Frog has an excellent idea. Holding his balloon, he floats right over sleeping Tiger! Fox is next, followed by Tortoise, Mouse, and Stork, but it will be tricky for them all to get past without Tiger noticing. It’s good that the reader is there to help keep Tiger asleep, but where exactly are the animals going with all those big shiny balloons?

Whoever heard of a vegetarian T. rex?

Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur's egg ends up in the wrong nest confusion is sure to ensue! When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he's so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip. Poor little Drip: all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed . . .

Written by the acclaimed Julia Donaldson and illustrated by the award-winning David Roberts, Tyrannosaurus Drip is a rhyming story that's full of fun!

Troll is fed up with eating boring old goats, so off he strolls in search of some scrumptious children. But the little boy on the bike insists that the four children in the car behind him would be FAR tastier than him. And - look! - those children in the school bus behind would be yummier still . . . But the children in the big digger are looking hungry, too. It's time for that terrible Troll to make a quick exit!

All of the titles I'm sharing today were well received by Alexander, but of the bunch, I'd definitely say Troll Stroll was his favourite.
If you'd like to learn more about Libraries Week you can check the website out here. 

I want to end this post by saying wherever in the world you are, if you have local library system, then please support them in some way or other.


  1. I love libraries! This was a fun way to share Alexander's recent books :)

  2. These all sound great. We'll have to check out Don't Wake Up Tiger because my son loves balloons, whether in real life or in books!

    1. He'd love that one then Julie - it's a fun read too as its interactive and although short, really gets the children involved & captivated throughout.

  3. I don't know how parents can not use their local libraries! We own a fair amount of books, but I would get frustrated reading the same stories over and over again without adding books from the library.

    I remember the Thomas days well. My son adored them for a while and I think we read every Thomas book the library had to offer!

    1. I know, right?! Alexander has SO MANY books and I often find myself thinking 'again?!' when he asks to read a much loved story for the millionth time! Haha!

      Alexander seems to naturally gravitate towards Thomas books wherever they are!

  4. So pleased that Alexander enjoyed Troll Stroll (and that he loves books and libraries generally)! Please say a big 'hello' to him from the author!


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