Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Blog Posts I've Enjoyed Lately (8)

With so much content being shared within the community - bookish and otherwise - it is impossible to keep up with everything (even your favourites sometimes!), so with no fixed regularity I'll be compiling a list of links sharing a number of blog posts I've enjoyed lately.

The Hungry Bookworm | Guest Post: 12 Memoirs for Nonfiction Newcomers
Girlxoxo | Reading Challenges That Promote Exploring World Lit
Word Revel | The Value of Read vs. Unread Books (interesting & thought provoking)
Pages Unbound Reviews | Why I Limit the Number of Books I Own
Written Word Worlds | What Do Your Bookshelves Say About You? (a fun little quiz)
Crime Reads | The 7 Creepiest Manor Houses in Mystery
Dead Good Books | Extract: Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin (the first chapter of Julia Heaberlin's new thriller... Black-Eyed Susans, also by this author, was brilliant)
In Her Books | The Pros & Cons of Book Blogging
Book Riot | 10 Audiobooks to Listen to Around Your Kids
Pan Macmillan | Nine Poems for Spring
Book Bub | 16 New Books with Plot Twists You Won't See Coming
Modern Mrs Darcy | Books That Are Better Together: 16 Favorite Novels For Book Clubs
Along Came Poppy | Five Fun Days Out with Little Bookworms (UK based)
Welshie Books & Thoughts | Why I Love Harry Potter
Mind Joggle | How to Create a Reading Bucket List that You'll Actually Finish
Popsugar | 87 Books by Women You Should Read Before You Die
Pop! Goes The Reader | Hot Off The Press: April 2018 (a great variety of titles to grow your wishlist)
The Tattooed Book Geek | Why are reviews unpopular as blog posts??


Paper Fury | Should Writers Start A Blog? (bookish, but kind of not)
Happy perusing!


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