Monday, 2 April 2018


Each week I'll be sharing a reading record, kind of like a bookish diary, with some notes of my reading from the week before.

Going into the week, I'm keen to finish some books I have bookmarks currently sitting in, with today making good progress in Secret Lives by Diane Chamberlain. Having breached the 100 page mark, I feel like I'm flying through and am even more gripped. I picked this title up twice today - once in the afternoon whilst Alexander was at nursery and also in the late evening.

Between those two reading sittings, I received a big box of books - the order I had placed last Wednesday; it arrived a day early (YAY!). Inside the box was a total of eleven books, with six of them being the little £1 books in the new Penguin Modern series

I started one of these new titles in the bath, reading the first essay (of two) in a book by Wendell Berry titled Why I Am Not Going To Buy A Computer. Short in length, and being updated since very first being published, I enjoyed it all the same and found it to be thought provoking in many ways.

Alexander and I started a new book together in the morning - this is one of the first times we've read a non picture book together. I got a collection of short stories, themed around spring and written by Enid Blyton, with the intention of us reading one every day or so. I wasn't too sure how Alexander would take to non picture books (being 4), however he was captivated and engaged throughout the first story within the collection. This was a lovely reading experience.

Being a gloomy day today, I was drawn to wanting to read another ghost story (just like last week). So, yes, although I have bookmarks in 4 other titles, I picked a new book off my shelves. I started, and reached roughly the half way point, in Michelle Paver's very first ghost story: Dark Matter.

I read more of Dark Matter by Michelle Paver - I did have hopes of finishing it today, however I didn't get in as much reading time as I'd anticipated. 

Today I worked reading into my morning, afternoon and evening. 

In the morning I finished reading Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. Really atmospheric ghost story; well told. Having read another of Michelle Paver's ghost stories, I'd definitely say she has a formula to her writing of them, but I do quite like that in an author - in a way, you know what you're getting.

During the afternoon, when Alexander was at nursery, I dedicated some time to making progress with Silas Marner by George Eliot, spending 40 minutes with the book and completing a further two chapters of the story. I did mention this last week: I'm finding it to be the kind of classic that requires silence and solitude in order to fully absorb it. 

Ended the day by picking up another of the Penguin Modern titles: The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges. There are four stories to the book, and I read just the title story.

No reading today.

Today I returned to the short story collection I'm currently reading by Agatha Christie, reading a further two stories from the library borrow.

I received the third and final instalment of my Willoughby Book Club subscription today, with the book being Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee. The parcel itself was a nice surprise as it arrived earlier than usual (I'm guessing because of the long Easter weekend). 

I read another of the Agatha Christie short stories today, as well as making good progress with Secret Lives by Diane Chamberlain. 

Starting the week with hopes of finishing some of those bookmarked reads, you'd think I may be disappointed with how the week has concluded - still many titles with bookmarks in - however that isn't the case; I've had a lovely bookish week, with some wonderful book mail received also.

Happy reading!


  1. I love Wendell Berry!! His thoughts on agriculture are life changing. I also love his poetry!

    I really need to read more Agatha Christie. I tend to read a lot of mysteries in the spring, when it is stormy and rainy - like tonight! Maybe I will find one to download onto my kindle. :)

    Have a great week, it sounds like you had a pretty good one last week!

    1. Stormy and rainy days are perfect for reading mysteries; I'm with you on that one. I hope you're able to enjoy one or two this season.

  2. That’s exciting that you’re starting to try some non-picture books! So many other great books I can wait to read with my own kiddo (even though picture books are great too!)

    1. Oh, I do love a picture book, but I'm excited to expand beyond that now. I didn't know if I was testing the waters too early, but these short stories seem to have been a great introduction.

      Isn't it fun having these reading experiences with our little ones?!

  3. The spring stories sound lovely; I've found that four was about the time my kids could at least sit through a chapter or story without pictures. I just put a hold on a book about spring for my little one since she keeps asking when it's going to arrive!

    1. Four definitely seems to be the right age.

      Haha - too funny! I hope the spring weather has arrived by now!


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