Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Once a month I like to sit down and share a little about reading my with son and children's books in general. Being a bookworm myself, I'm sure you can imagine that I champion reading with children from a young age, and I hope that these types of posts not only inspire that but also share new titles that others may not have heard of. 

Today I'm sharing the three books Alexander picked out at the school book fair. 

Here in the UK we celebrate World Book Day throughout the school system, with children dressing up as their favourite characters from books and often times ending that school day with a book fair. World Book Day is in March, however due to heavy snowfall experienced then, many of the schools had to cancel the event and opting to redo - including Alexander's school, with the redo being the last week of April.

This was my first time attending the school book fair as a parent, having such fond memories of it as a child myself, and so my bookish mama heart was feeling full experiencing this with my own child for the very first time.

*I was unable to find a Goodreads link for the sticker book*

These titles sum up Alexander's interests really well - he loves books with animals in, especially dinosaurs, and has really gotten into sticker activity books lately. We've read both the fiction titles mentioned, and they were greatly enjoyed.

Dinosaurs In My School is a book that says it all in the title really; a little boy's school is overrun with dinosaurs and causing havoc with the day to day running of the school. The rhythm in this book was really engaging and I love that it includes a good variety of dinosaurs.

In Is That An Elephant In My Fridge? a not so tired boy decides to count elephants to see him off to sleep as opposed to sheep, however his house is soon full of far too many elephants up to all sorts of mischief & mayhem... In the end he decides to listen to his mum and count sheep instead. This is a really fun bedtime story, sure to induce laughter.

Side note | Alexander dressed up as Gekko from PJ Masks for World Book Day... Technically a TV show, but we do own four books adapted from the series.


  1. The elementary school near my house had a book fair, too. I saw the signs for it yesterday. I hope Alexander loves his new books.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I love that they encourage reading with not only school libraries but book fairs also.

      Thank you, AJ.

  2. Those books sound really cute, and I love all the bookish festivities!


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