Monday, 24 September 2018

BookTubers I've Been Loving (Summer)

Earlier this year I shared a post talking about some of the bookish people I watch on YouTube, aiming to highlight some favourites and just generally chat about another platform within the book community. Today I'm back to do much the same, this time sharing about some of the creators I found myself gravitating more towards during the summer months. 

I have been watching Kayla's (or Lala) channel for years, and as far as content creators within the bookish community go, she is pretty well known, however I just had to talk about her channel in this summer post. The creativity, passion, and dedication Kayla puts into her channel is just astounding, seriously! Alongside working a full time job and having a family, she still consistently puts out quality content that is also pretty unique too. Her reading vlogs are some of my favourites, and I love how her whole family gets involved and on board with her videos also. 

If you were to watch just the one recent video... Husband Runs My Bookstagram For A Month (an incredibly long video, but well worth watching, especially for all the laughs you'll have)
Australian BookTuber Ange is for sure a new favourite of mine - whenever I see a video of hers in my subscription, I jump straight in, especially if its a weekly reading vlog (can you tell I love reading vlogs?!?). In terms of bookish material, Ange reads a lot of classic, literary and historical fiction, and I come away from each video with at least one new book recommendation. Ange also hosts monthly readalongs that you can get involved in via her Goodreads group.

If you were to watch just the one recent video... Bookshelf Tour | Part 1 | 2018 (you can tell a lot about a person by their book collection, and I find it to be a great way to find like minded readers via YouTube)
I actually only discovered Katie's channel this year, but am happy to have done so. Katie reads fairly widely, however what I love her content for the most is her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of classic literature. During the month of July Katie co-hosted Jane Austen July, and whilst I didn't take part myself, I loved following along with her reading updates via vlogs (of course!). Also, coming up very soon, she will be co-hosting (alongside Ange who I mentioned above, and two other BookTubers) Victober: reading Victorian Literature during the month of October. I used to read a fair amount of classic literature, and I would say Katie's videos have reignited my want (& love) of reading classics.

If you were to watch just the one recent video... Classic and Contemporary Pairs Tag (there are a few of these tag videos on YouTube and they are fun to watch)

NOTE | By sheer coincidence, all of these channels start with a B
If you have any BookTube favourites, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!


  1. I don’t watch as much BookTube as I used to, but I do watch SavidgeReads. Simon reads the books that I wish I was reading. I don't have money for all those new releases. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Dave at Wilde Reads is one of my absolute favourite booktubers. His videos are always a joy to watch and he reads many different genres.

  3. I just subscribed to both! I watch a lot of YouTube videos but haven't had much luck finding bookish ones. Looking forward to watching both of these.

    1. The book community on YouTube is pretty amazing!! I hope you enjoy!


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