Thursday, 25 October 2018

Nonfiction November | TBR

This November I'm taking part in Nonfiction November - I know of a few events and readathons (across social media platforms) associated with promoting the reading of non fiction titles in the month of November, and I've chosen to take part in an event hosted by BookTuber abookolive.

Nonfiction November is a month long reading initiative, with the aim of reading more non fiction than you typically do. Personally, I read non fiction titles fairly frequently - at least one every couple of months - and so my personal aim for Nonfiction November is to read more non fiction books than fiction within the month of November. 

Whilst the main focus of Nonfiction November is encouraging readers to pick up more non fiction, there are also four challenges that add an extra element to the event. There is no one specific way in which to interpret them, there is no need to fulfil a certain amount of challenges, there are no requirements surrounding the challenges at all - they are simply in place to add a fun dynamic to Nonfiction November.

1. Past time/Pastime
2. Self/Shelf
3. Wander/Wonder
4. Micro/Macro

Even before the announcement of Nonfiction November, I knew I was interested in taking part (having been aware of it from previous years) and already had a few books I hoped to put towards my TBR. When first seeing the challenges, what I did was look at how I could work those titles I had into the challenges provided... I was successful in doing so.

Past time - I'm choosing to read a book that focuses on an event that took place in the past

Self - I'm choosing to read a book that says something about myself

Wander - I'm choosing to read a book that explores our world through wandering

Micro - I'm choosing to read a book that hones in on a micro part of an individual's life

As well as these four titles, I have one book that I would call my main read for Nonfiction November, as well as one book I started a month or so ago and still has a bookmark in.


Main read (not pictured above as I have been waiting for paperback version - which comes out Nov 1st)

I'm super excited to get stuck in to these books next month! If you're taking part in Nonfiction November also, I'd love to know what you plan on reading. 


  1. I love how you picked your TBR! And, thrilled you're joining us! I loved Educated :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah - although I've used Olive's challenges to pick my TBR, I'm also planning to take part in the weekly post prompts for #NonFicNov.

      Great to hear re: Educated!

  2. Good luck! I’m doing Nonfiction November, too, but I haven’t picked my books yet.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Yay - happy reading! Look forward to seeing your selection.

  3. Such a fun project! There are so many great ones this time of year! I have accumulated quite a bit of nonfiction I’d like to read, but I do tend to pick up novels more often, so this is a good reminder not to neglect those books.

    How have you been liking the seasonal anthologies? I know this isn’t your first one... and I’ve bought a few but haven’t started yet — I always WANT to do the selection-a-day thing, but am terrible at follow-through!

    1. Nonfiction does tend to fall to the one side in favour of fiction, for many of us - so that's understandable.

      I'm really enjoying the seasonal anthologies actually. I'm hoping to talk about them a bit more in the month of November.

      I hope you're able to get to at least a one or two nonfiction titles in November :-)

  4. I might have to join next year. I really want to read more non fiction. Enjoy your TBR!

    1. I think taking part would be a great motivator in picking up more nonfiction. Thanks!!

  5. I've heard such great things about Educated. I really want to get to that as soon as possible. Which may not be very soon, the way I plan my books. lol. Enjoy!

    1. Haha - I know & understand that feeling! Thank you.


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