Thursday, 4 October 2018


I started sharing reading record posts this year, documenting all things reading and bookish in my life, posting them on a weekly basis - I have made the decision to now make my reading record posts on a monthly basis (& for specific readathons). 

On to the bookish goodness for the month of September!

Starting the month by picking up Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I read Little Fires Everywhere over the summer, and very promptly purchased her other novel - I'm technically reading Celeste Ng's books in reverse release order.

Finished reading the last 40 pages of Everything I Never Told You this morning. Having now read both of Celeste Ng's novels, I can confidently say I thoroughly enjoy her story telling and writing style. I especially love the way she writes family dynamics, and in particular, the fragility of a family unit. 

In the afternoon I started & completed The Joy of Forest Bathing - a book I was provided for review purposes. As someone who greatly enjoys, appreciates, and garners a lot from time spent outdoors and in nature, I found this book enlightening. By learning about the activity of forest bathing, I have in turn learnt of ways in which to enhance my own experiences of being immersed in nature.

I took a trip to the library today, and also saw my sister there by coincidence; I enjoyed chatting recent reads and exchanging book recommendations with her. I came home from the library with 4 books.

After what felt like quite a lengthy slog, I finished reading Our House (a book I received for review but that is already released - I'm playing catch up where I didn't read any review books over the summer). I was quite looking forward to this mystery thriller, and whilst there were some really good plot points, my time with the book was dampened by the length of it. I was invested in the unfolding story, so continued reading regardless, but the size of the book did feel unnecessary. 

With a fierce wind blowing outside, wrapped up in the cosiest blanket ever (as we have dubbed it in our house - an official title), I started the next book in the seasonal nature anthology series I've been working through: Autumn. Whilst summer is still trying to hold on a little here, autumn is giving it a good fight to take reign. I'm looking forward to the full arrival of autumn; it is my favourite season, and here in the Welsh valleys the landscape transformation is just beautiful. 

I've never been a book crier - but wow - I've just finished Only Child, and can confirm the falling off tears. What a poignant, powerful and incredibly well told story.

Over the weekend I started, and finished, Thin Air by Michelle Paver. I had been thinking about wanting to read a ghost story, and when looking at my shelves I was being drawn to this particular book - despite the fact that I only actually read it for the first time at the very start of this year. I don't usually reread a book so quickly, but a familiar read and the atmosphere that envelopes when reading Thin Air sounded like just what I wanted on a cosy, gloomy weekend at home. 

I really enjoyed returning to this haunting mountain expedition. Just as I often find myself rereading The Woman in Black by Susan Hill when in want of a good ghost story, I see Thin Air as being a regular alternative to that. Although the plots differ greatly, the two are actually similar in a few ways - with the stories being set in a time period many years prior, both being narrated by males after an event, and being told (well, written) in a simple, subtle manner that can be incredibly atmospheric. Not your bump in the night kind of ghost stories.

I have been reading, just haven't had much to note down - concentrating on finishing up a few books I was partway through as I'm looking to have more of a reading focus... I tend to read multiple books at the one time, and with plans to start a chunky fantasy book very soon, I'm hoping to try and get back in a habit of reading just the one book at a time.

I have been thinking about my reading plans for the month of October - there are a number of readathons I'd like to take part in and a list as long as my arm of books I'd like to read!

Super excited about a book bargain I found yesterday. I've been eyeing this specific Art of Harry Potter book book for nearly a year now, but with it retailing at pretty much £50 it remained on my wishlist. I had found it on Amazon for a reduced price of just over £30, but that's still quite a bit of money for the one book. Well, whilst running errands and picking up a few bits in the supermarket (ASDA for any UK readers who may be interested), I came across the exact book at the cost of £20. £20!!! That's less than half the retail price - so of course I had to have it. I'm happy to now have the book in my Harry Potter collections, and of course, I've already read it from cover to cover.

I love 'Art of' books from films I enjoy - seeing how everything progresses and transforms from start to finish. I own a few of these for various films, mostly animated though. 

I finished a high fantasy book (The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson) - and loved it! You can read more about that experience here.



Happy reading!


  1. It looks like you had a successful reading month! Congrats on finding the discounted book. I have a few expensive books on my wish list. I’m hoping that the price comes down someday.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thank you!

      I mean I love books, and I love Harry Potter - but £50!! So happy to have found it discounted!

  2. I love fall, it is my favorite. :) Your nature anthology sounds wonderful. I am thinking about trying to read all the Wainwright award winning books - my only problem is that I have a hard time getting some of the books here in the States! I stumbled on that list because of my love for John Lewis-Stempel (also hard to get here!) I think I am just going to have to start ordering from Amazon UK. Lol.

    Your month sounds lovely, including reading under the coziest blanket ever! Have a great week!

    1. Have you tried book depository? I know a few people who get books that are easier to find in the UK shipped on there... Although I've heard to wait time for delivery is a pain!

      Thank you Erin - I hope October is treating you well :-)


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