Thursday, 24 January 2019

Reading With My Five Year Old | Winter

Well... It has been a while since I last documented my reading with Alexander - proof of that being that in my last post he was four, and I'm now reading with a five year old!

Seasonally I sit down and share a little about the books Alexander and I have been reading of late... I love documenting my own reading journey here on Reading with Jade, and I think it'll be great to look back on Alexander's and see how his reading preferences change over time also. For some reason, I honestly have no idea why, I skipped sharing an autumn edition of these posts, but I'm back now with some winter reads.

Since I last spoke about Alexander's books, he has begun reading himself. Now in full time school, Alexander has been delving further than ever before in to the world of phonics and reading, using the books I myself learned to read with way back in the day. We are in the early stages of learning to read, but I am absolutely loving watching Alexander read and form words on a page; although a reluctant reader in a sense (he'd rather be read to than read himself), he can indeed read well. This was one of the many milestones I have been looking forward to as a parent, and I just feel such pride at his progression, knowing all that he is unlocking.

As always, we've been enjoying a good number of picture books, with us reading one every night before bed; often times we're reading the same ones time and time again, which hey, I can't complain - I love to reread also! I wanted to share a few that I don't think I've mentioned on here before, and that were definitely loved: Penguins Can't Fly by Katherine SullyLittle Bear and the Wishing Tree by Norbert Landa, and Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival.

For Christmas one of the things we got Alexander was a big bag full of books, including a boxset of Zoe's Rescue Zoo titles. Alexander loves books with animals being a focal feature, and so these have gone down well - we have steadily been working our way through them. As soon as we finish one, Alexander puts his bookmark ready in the next one he wants to read! Meep, Zoe's lemur best friend, is Alexander's favourite character (he says he is adorable), and he loves guessing what the name of each new animal will be.

I am loving seeing Alexander so engaged and enthused with a book series!

Alexander loves nonfiction books, and learning more about the things he has great interest in. There are two things in particular he is most curious, and knowledgeable, about - polar regions and prehistoric animals. Our recent nonfiction reads reflect these interests greatly, with us having taken from & garnered vast amounts of information from: It's all about... Freezing PolesSea Monsters, and Land Roamers.
And so that concludes a snippet of our reading during these winter months. Reading with Alexander is one of my favourite things to do, and I love that I'm able to document that here.


  1. It's amazing how curious a 5-6 y/old becomes once they begin reading. Our 6 y/o granddaughter is very into reading and science - full of questions.

  2. I have a nonfiction-loving kiddo, too! It's so wonderful watching them experience all the joys that come with reading.

    1. It sure is! And I must admit, I'm learning myself through the nonfiction reading.

  3. Alexander is 5 already? I know I've been out of the blogging world for a while after my daughter was born, but it doesn't seem possible he's so old already! That must be so exciting to watch him learn how to read! I'm eagerly waiting for that day with my own kids.

    1. Five, full time school, reading - it is all flying by, Julie!

  4. Oh this is such a fun age! It's so exciting to see it all actually click for them. Mine is a nonfiction lover too but he also loves Mo Willems for picture books.

  5. I love this! I try to do this with Wyatt's books too, but I am not always successful at posting them lol. The picture books you listed look great, especially Penguins Can't Fly. We are going to have to get that one I think for sure. It is great that Alexander is so curious and wanting to learn more! I love that. :) Have a great week. :)

    1. Thank you, Erin - it is lovely that we're able to look back on how their reading evolves, even if we don't quite stay on top of posting it (how I missed an entire season I do no know lol).

      I hope you're having a wonderful week :-)


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