Thursday, 7 February 2019

Reading Record | January

My reading record posts are a way for me to document all things bookish and reading in my life - typically you will see these posts on a monthly basis, however readathons and certain books will have their own specific reading record.

This reading record covers the entire month of January.

- Note: any books marked with an asterisk (*) I have been gifted for free in exchange for an honest review -

Starting the new year with two fresh new reads - I had been planning this; strategically planning my books around starting the new year on a clean reading slate. Both of the titles I'm starting - When All Is Said* (fiction) and Trekking Beyond* (nonfiction) - are review books, but ones I've been super keen to delve into.

Today I have made time for reading at many intervals throughout my day - start as you mean to go on!

I finished reading Trekking Beyond* - a great book to start the new year with; inspiring adventures... Even if not to the far flung destinations featured within.

Today I placed my first book order through Abebooks - a hub for independent & second hand booksellers - and have ordered three books through two different sellers. I'm keen, and slightly anxious, to see them arrive.

Buying second hand books online means you can't actually see the condition of them, unlike in a store, however I have very few resources locally in which to buy second hand books. 

Fingers crossed!

Finished my first fiction title of the year - When All Is Said by Anne Griffin*; a heavy but poignant fiction book to start the year on. A solid start to my year in fiction. 

Round 24 of Bout of Books begins today. I have a whole reading record post of the week long readathon, which you can find here. The short of it... I read 3 books in total during Bout of Books.

The first of my books from Abebooks arrived today - happy with my experience with this seller. Book was described as being in very good condition, which if I'm honest I was a little dubious about, but I would say it was indeed accurate. I paid £3 and some pennies for a used copy Fire Season by Philip Connors (a nonfiction title I want to read this year), when it would have cost me 4 times that amount new. Such a good saving, and I look forward to reading this book in the near future.

Started the week with a trip to the library - I had a reservation to pick up, and also two returns having completed them during Bout of Books. I came away from the library with 3 books in total, even though I went in for the 1, with one of the borrows being Kate Morton's newest release: The Clockmaker's Daughter.

Without a doubt Kate Morton is one of my favourite authors, and her 2018 release of The Clockmaker's Daughter is a book I have been anticipating reading since publication... However, I own all her other books in paperback, and so have been holding out for the release of that in order to purchase my own copy.

I hadn't even thought about borrowing this book from the library, but after stumbling across it whilst browsing, I happily checked it out to bring home with me... No more waiting until April (paperback release in the UK). Of course I jumped straight into the book once home!

I'm going into the new week with the aim of finishing up some books that currently have lingering bookmarks.

I have had a week of quite distracted reading, so I've been picking up things on & off depending on my mood, resulting in no books finished this week. I wouldn't be too fussed about that, however 24in48 is coming up next weekend and I want to go in with a fresh TBR and not multiple other books hanging over me so to speak. I will be more focused this week.

Today I finished reading The Clockmaker's Daughter by Kate Morton. Obviously, I not long ago spoke of my delight at finding this title at the library... However it wasn't until the first 150ish pages that I really got into the book (I do think this contributed to me distracted reading week). I will have shared a review of The Clockmaker's Daughter by time I post this, but I will say it wasn't my favourite Kate Morton.

Finished off the nonfiction title I had been reading - The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker*. I'm trying to keep up my nonfiction reading (which I focused on a fair bit last year) by picking up at least one nonfiction book a month, so I'm happy to have completed two this month now.

Also, today I was approved on Netgalley for the newest Michelle Paver book: Wakenhyrst*. Out in early April, this is one of my most anticipated releases of 2019, and I'm so happy & thankful to be able to get an eARC!

I pulled together my TBR for 24in48 today - a readathon taking place over the weekend.

Taking part in 24in48 was so much fun - I read four books (one adult fiction & 3 middle grade mysteries) in just under 14 hours, and found a bunch of new to me bloggers to follow also. You can find my 'Reading Record' post for this readathon here.

Ending the month finishing Roar by Cecelia Ahern. I have been working through this collection of short stories all month, and found I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend!


Happy reading!


  1. This was such a good idea, to record it all. It's good to see what you are reading or not!

    Lotte |

    1. Thanks - I love looking back on my reading month based on the notes I've made!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Emma - it is from Cath Kidston. It is even more beautiful in person.

  3. Looks like you had a pretty good reading month to start off 2019. I hope February is even better for you. :)

  4. Looks like a pretty good reading month! I've heard good things about Kate Morton's stuff.

    1. Kate Morton does write wonderful dual timeline books.

      Thanks - happy reading in February!


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