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Reading With My Five Year Old | Spring + Summer

Earlier on this month I shared my own little reading wrap up for the summer months, so I thought I'd sit down and do the same for Alexander (my son whose book journey I also document here on Reading with Jade)… Well, it's actually a two season wrap up, as although I wrote notes for his spring reading, I didn't actually write up the whole post. This is what spring & summer has looked like for my five year old, with regards to books.

Each spring World Book Day is celebrated (on the first Thursday of March), and here in the UK it is a pretty big deal with the schools. Each school has its own way of celebrating the event, with Alexander's school asking them to bring in their favourite book this year. 

Alexander's favourite book is everchanging, however he opted to share Sam Who Went to Sea with his classmates - this is a book about a river rat who fulfils his dream of sailing the seas.

Another event that is well loved & treasured within the schools here is the annual book fair. I still have fond memories myself of flicking through the leaflet of books available from my own childhood... The leaflets aren't sent home anymore, at least not at Alexander's school, however the children are able to have a sneak peek of the books that'll be there on the day a couple of days beforehand. On this sneak peek Alexander spotted a book called Catch A Dinosaur (a nonfiction book including a see & spot section) and was really set on picking this up at the book fair. When the book fair arrived, he made a beeline for the book (remembering where it was in the layout) and we also bought another book in the Zoe's Rescue Zoo series. Alexander had been talking just that morning about how he'd like another book in this series (as we've completed all the ones owned), and it just so happened that the one being stocked at the book fair was one he didn't already own. We had one happy boy coming home from the book fair.

Alexander has started referencing his books for information, as opposed to always asking us a question to get an answer. He absolutely loves learning about things from his nonfiction/informational books, but he'd never really reached for them before to answer a question until early this year. Also, if we're watching an animal documentary (he loves these!), he'll often ask to pause it if a certain animal intrigues him and looks to see if he can find it in this big book of animals he has (1000 Animals).

Recently my husband and I were talking about Alexander progressing with books, especially with regards to transitioning from picture books to chapter books. Of course Alexander can read picture books as long as he wishes, but there will come a point where chapter books are more prevalent and preferred... To which Nathan asked about decluttering the picture books in the future. This will of course be done at some point in the distant future, but I found myself so emotionally struck by the thought of it.

Many of the books Alexander owns he has had since very, very young, with his bookshelf still containing a number of books from when he was a baby. Alexander is very lucky to have the book collection he has, and I feel so privileged to have nurtured a reader (so far anyway) and share in the beauty of storytelling with him. I have so many wonderful & fond memories of us cocooned in the magical world of children's books... Because of this, I think parting with books of his will be harder than even parting with my own books (which I do on a regular basis). Of course the time will come, and when it does I will just have to remind myself of these things, as well as be thankful in the knowledge that the books will be being passed on to other children and foster their own reading journey.

Alexander took part in, and completed, the Summer Reading Challenge for the fourth year now.

The Summer Reading Challenge is run throughout the UK library system, with the aim of getting children to read, borrow books from the library, and generally be bookish.


Tom Percival (Bubble Trouble & Perfectly Norman) + Little Explorers (Dinosaurs & In the Rainforest & When I Grow Up)
Reading with Alexander is one of my favourite things to do, and I love that I'm able to document that here.


  1. I got emotional when it was time to part with some of my son's books from when he was younger too. I finally had him sit down with me and he decided what to keep and what to donate. It was an interesting experience because he has sentimental attachment to many more books than I would have expected and kept quite a few that he has clearly outgrown.

    1. Ooo… Interesting to hear this, Suzanne. I definitely think it is something to do together, for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved school book fairs! My mom would never let me buy anything, but I liked seeing all the books. It’s awesome that Alexander has learned that he can find information in books. Now when he asks “why” questions, you can tell him to “look it up.”

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I feel like so many people have such fond memories of the school book fair.

      Haha - yes, and we have a rather curious little boy, so many why questions!


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