Thursday, 5 September 2019

Summer Reading Highlights

It has been a couple of months since I last blogged, and am now returning from my little break with some of my reading highlights from the summer months. I do tend to take a couple of months off blogging mid year, usually when the summer school holidays start to approach here in the UK, as I find my summer runs a lot more smoothly when I reduce the things I am wanting/needing to do. Although I stop posting here on my blog during that time, I do still keep up with my Twitter, as that definitely requires a lot less commitment - I've updated reading over there, shared book mail, and taken part in a couple of readathons (which I'll be talking more about in my highlights). 

So, here's all things bookish with me for the last two months... 

I read a total of 17 books during July & August - 13 fiction & 4 nonfiction.

I took part in two readathons during the summer months - in July I took part in 24in48 (a weekend event) and in August I took part in Bout of Books (a week long event).

If you're unfamiliar with 24in48, the main aim for the readathon is to read as much as possible with the goal of 24 hours read time within the 48 hour time period. I've never actually 'completed' the readathon as such by reading for a whole 24 hours, but it isn't a win or lose type of thing - just have fun reading more than you usually would.

I read for a total of 14 hours & 55 minutes and completed 4 books!

Much like the last readathon, the gist of Bout of Books is to read more than you usually would in a given time period - a week - and just have some bookish fun really with challenges, chats and being immersed more in a bookish community. This time around I didn't do any of the challenges, keeping it low pressure with my focus being reading.

Even though the event is a longer one, I technically read less than the 48 hour event, but of course circumstances & mood play a large part in any readathon - I ended Bout of Books having completed two books fully & reading 918 pages.

I think both readathons were successful in their own way, and I thoroughly enjoyed returning to these tried & true reading events for me.

Before my summer break, I briefly mentioned my Harry Potter reread - I'm still rereading them, but not as a primary read.

I initially started my reread in physical book format, switching between my regular paperbacks & the illustrated editions, however I soon turned this reread into an audiobook only one. I have never listened to the audiobooks in full as a reread, and so it has been a lot of fun returning to the wizarding world in this way.

I'm currently on the 4th book in the series... So a way to go yet!

I've found this summer that I have read at a much slower reading pace than in previous years - at one point going two weeks without having finished a book - and yet I didn't worry about it or think a slump was coming on... I just embraced the pace.

Just as with other areas of life, there are seasons to things: reading slow this summer just felt like the right thing to do. Savouring the books I was reading, and also sitting with them - absorbing them fully before moving on to another. I read quite a few books this summer that I found deeply thought provoking, as well as a couple of books that sent me on research projects having become fascinated with a topic.

As readers we are everchanging, and I do think the pace at which we read is something that adapts as we do. For now, I'm continuing with this slow pace.


I hope you all had a great summer of reading!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful summer of reading, Jade! I need to get the Harry Potter books on audio. I know I would probably enjoy them that way, but the library hold is so long for the first book! Crazy when the books have been out for so long.
    I have noticed that my reading pace has slowed way down this summer, too. I'm not sure why, but it is taking me almost 2 weeks to finish one book. I know I'm reading heavier books that aren't easy to breeze through, and maybe that's most of the reason. I fly through audio books with no problem, but physical books are taking me awhile. I'm just embracing it, like you! :)

    1. I think it is good to embrace the change of pace, whatever the reason!

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you got a lot of reading done this summer. I'd like to reread Harry Potter again at some point. I'm in the middle of re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire now though so it might be awhile before I have time, lol.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne.

      Haha! I think that reread will keep you busy for quite some time. Enjoy!

  3. Summer is definitely about taking it all in nice and slow! I totally agree. :) It sounds like you had a wonderful summer holiday. :) I get the itch to reread Harry Potter every fall - maybe I will start soon!

    Blackberry and Wild Rose sounds good! And I love the name. I read The Familiars and I loved it as well. :)

    1. Thanks, Erin - we did. I hope you had a wonderful summer also.

      I was worried about The Familiars as it was one of those books I was seeing everywhere, but am happy to have picked it up & read it myself. Stacey Halls has another book being released in Feb 2020 - looking forward to that.

  4. I’ve also been reading really slowly this summer. I’m trying not to stress about it because I know my reading will pick up in the winter. Also, I’ve found some really good books in the last few months! It sounds like you’ve read some good ones too.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Oh, I have! I quite agree - I think enjoying the books that we're reading helps with embracing the slower pace. Summer seems to have been a lot slower reading wise for quite a few people.


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