Monday, 11 November 2019

Reading Record | The Starless Sea + Nonfiction November

My reading record posts are a way for me to document all things bookish and reading in my life - I aim to post them consistently with them most often being in a weekly format, however readathons & certain books have their own specific reading record. 

In this reading record you will see snippets of reading for Nonfiction November and I also received my most anticipated read of the year.

Starting the month with bookmarks in the very early stages of two books:
The Binding by Bridget Collins (two chapters in - 36 pages read)
The Call of the Wild by Jack London (two chapters in - 34 pages read)

I often have a few books on the go at the one time, including a nonfiction. I finished my last nonfiction read a couple of days ago now and have been waiting on starting a new one... With Nonfiction November now here - I was keen to begin the month fresh with an unopened book - I can start a new nonfiction read.

The book I've chosen to start Nonfiction November with is The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. This is a book that I added to my NF wishlist this time last year during Nonfiction November, and I am happy to now be getting to it. 

I had heard so many positive things regarding this book, and having read the first two parts (99 pages) today, I can see why!

Raynor and her husband are at an immensely low point in life, and yet they have strength, hope and one another pushing them on as they traverse the South West coastline here in the UK. Reading about another's hardship is never an easy or pleasant experience, however Raynor's writing style means that the reader is emotionally invested in the couple, and kept easily engaged as she shares the highs & lows of their journey. I've found it hard putting this book down today.

In the evening I read (listened to) the first 52 minutes of The Shepherd's Hut by Tim Winton via the borrowing audiobook service through my library. I haven't really formed any solid impressions of this so far.

No reading.

Book one of NF November - complete! I finished the remainder of The Salt Path today (just under 200 pages), and what a great start to the month of immersing myself in NF it was.

Repeating the same reading routine as Friday, I listen to some more of The Shepherd's Hut in the evening once again - just over 50 minutes. I think the first person narration - stream of conscious almost - is really easy to listen to & fall into via audiobook.

I popped to the library today to return two books, and came home with four - isn't that always the way?! I borrowed one fiction & three nonfiction (will I get to them this month with my already stacked TBR?).

Reading wise, I focused on my fiction books today, with just under 100 more pages read in The Binding and also further listening of my audiobook.

This morning I read to the end of part 1 in The Binding (which was only about 30 pages) and decided it was a good place to take a brief break in my reading of this specific book as in the post today I had book mail: my preorder of The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. 

The Starless Sea is honestly my most anticipated book of the year (or ever!), and I just know I couldn't wait to complete my current fiction read before delving into Erin Morgenstern's newest release.

The reason I'm putting a pause on The Binding is not only because I want to focus solely on The Starless Sea when I read it (fiction wise), but also because both of them have a bookish theme to the story, and whilst I often read multiple books at a time, I like the plots to be vastly different as it makes following along a lot easier.

Ending the day having read 74 pages of The Starless Sea.

No reading.

After not getting any reading done yesterday, I did get a little bit done today with just over another 50 pages read in The Starless Sea.

Today I started my next NF pick for the month - The Secret Barrister - and have read the introduction + first two chapters, meaning I'll be continuing from page 85 when I next pick it up.

I did also read a little more of The Starless Sea today, with my bookmark now sitting at page 170. If I'm being honest, I definitely thought I'd have made more progress in The Starless Sea by now. It isn't the fault of the story - I'm absolutely loving being back in a world imagined by Erin Morgenstern - but the fault of the reader. This week has been quite a busy one personal life wise (& will continue so in to the weekend), and so reading hasn't been a main focus as it usually is in my spare time.

The Starless Sea is proving to be AMAZING (all that I could of hoped for, and more!), I just need to prioritise reading a bit more.

I managed to carve out a small amount of reading time today, with my bookmark now on page 236 of The Starless Sea.

Much less reading done today than yesterday, however I did finish the next chapter of The Secret Barrister. This NF book takes a look at the court system here in the UK, and I am really enjoying it so far - accessible and easy to read, as well as insightful.


Happy reading!


  1. I’m glad you liked The Salt Path! I want to read that one because I’ve seen so many good reviews.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I would for sure be among those good reviews - recommend!

  2. I want to read the Starless Sea soon. I hope you continue to love it!

    1. Thanks, Brandie. I have now finished The Starless Sea and it was a dream to read. I hope you enjoy it when you do get round to reading it.

  3. I think the Starless Sea looks so good. And I am totally looking up The Salt Path!

    1. Who doesn't love books about books?! The Starless Sea is a wonderful read.

      The Salt Path was a really good book - not only seeing the landscape they traversed, but also thought provoking with regards to the way in which, as a society, we perceive certain people.

  4. I'm very much looking forward to The Starless Sea, too, so will look forward to hearing what you think of it. Fingers crossed it lives up to our high expectations.

    1. Susie, I have now finished The Starless Sea, and it was an absolute joy to read - I hope you have a similar reading experience.

  5. That's the edition of The Starless Sea I ordered too. I can't wait for my copy to arrive because it's my most anticipated read of the year too.

    1. I hope it lives up to your hopes, Suzanne, and enjoy being immersed in a world created by Erin Morgenstern.

  6. My husband is stupidly excited about The Starless Sea, having loved the previous book (which he recommended to my best friend, who also loved it, so hopefully that will happen again). I was worried The Salt Path would be too upsetting, I'm a bit of a delicate time in my life at the moment so not sure I have the resilience for it, even though I've read great things about it.

    1. 'Stupidly excited' is how you could describe me regarding The Starless Sea also! Ha! I hope you husband, and friend, enjoy Erin Morgenstern's newest release. It is definitely another fantastical world to fall in to.

      Oh yes, The Salt Path is a little hard to read at times, however if it helps in anyway, as I think you may be thinking what I was thinking going in to it (hopefully I'm interpreting your words right), it is an easier read than it outwardly appears. I hope that makes sense!

      It is definitely wise to filter reading choices, and what books you want to consume, based on how you feel though.

  7. The Starless Sea looks great, and glad it's working out well so far! The Salt Path sounds intersting too. I should do NF November one of these times, I need to read more NF.

    Good luck with your reads this week :)

    1. Thanks - I have now finished The Starless Sea & it was wonderful.

      NF November is fun as there is such an enthusiasm surrounding nonfiction books.


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