Monday, 23 December 2019

52 Book Blog Post Ideas

Whether you're a seasoned blogger or a newbie to the book blogging community, it can be hard to consistently come up with content and feel inspired to create, so today I'm sharing 52 book blogging post ideas.

1. My reading routine
2. How I track my reading
3. Book buying + how I budget for books
4. My reading history
5. How I make time for reading
6. My reading comfort zone
7. How I organise my books
8. My reading & reviewing process
9. Tips for overcoming a reading slump
10. Where I read
11. Reading in childhood, including favourites
12. Why I read
13. How I pick my next read
14. Why I read more than one book at a time (or the opposite, why I'm a monogamous reader)
15. How I build my book collection
16. What I do with unwanted books
17. Library borrowing - share your library story
18. If you're a writer, share about being a reader that writes
19. When I'm not reading (share about your life beyond books)
20. My most owned author

21. Why I started book blogging
22. How book blogging has changed my reading habits
23. Why I do / don't accept books for review
24. Why I love the book blogging community
25. As a book blogger, do you still view reading as a solitary act?
26. How I stay on top of commenting & interacting within the book community
27. My favourite / go to bloggers
28. How I balance day to day life with being a book blogger / book reviewer

29. Share your unpopular reader confessions
30. Thoughts on fandoms & share any you are a part of
31. What makes a 5 star book
32. Why I love (insert genre)
33. Words that will instantly make me pick up a book
34. Fictional settings that I'd love to experience
35. Why I can / can't read a book with a protagonist I dislike
36. My thoughts on book to movie adaptations, including any favourites
37. Why I love (insert author)
38. Share why you feel a strong connection with a particular story
39. Why I don't read (insert genre)
40. Why I am / am not a part of a book club
41. If you love (insert TV show/film), then you'll love these books
42. My favourite book format is...
43. What I learnt from (insert book title)
44. Books I'd love to see in a visual format
45. Books you think should be required reading in school
46. Share your bookish joys - the simple things with books that bring you joy
47. Books I want to share with the children in my life
48. Tips on how to read more (or the opposite, benefits of slow reading)
49. Favourite opening lines
50. I'd love to be friends with (insert character)
51. Books for armchair travel (books that have allowed you to see the world)
52. Favourite book quotes
I hope this list proves to be useful... & happy blogging!


  1. Thanks for the list! I want to sign up for the discussion challenge next year, but like always, I have no idea what to discuss.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I always like posts like this. So many good ideas! I think posts about "if you like this show/ movie, then you'd like these books" and bookish travel would be fun posts. :)

  3. Oh this is a fabulous list! I'm saving this for future reference because I'm always trying to wrack my brain for post topics and there are so many great ones here.

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