Saturday, 28 December 2019

Favourite Books of 2019 | Second Half (My Year in Books)

I don't typically wrap up my year with a favourites post, as many do within the blogging community, however for the last two years I have shared a 'Recommended Reading' post as a wrap up - highlighting books that I think others should read for a variety of reasons. For me, there is a difference between my favourite books and my recommended reading. Of course I'd recommend all my favourite books (& some may even end up on my recommended reading post), but my recommended reading isn't made up of my favourite books.

When I think about the books I recommend, it is often to do with the book itself - enjoying a specific plot element, the characters were incredibly well written, or I enjoyed the message behind the story, etc. When I think about the books I'd call favourites, it is more about my feelings and overall reading experience. I hope that explanation makes sense!

Earlier on this year, I shared my favourite books of the first half of the year, and today I'm wrapping up the second half... I have had the pleasure of reading some wonderful books this year, however I will say that the first half of the year did feel a lot stronger, reading wise, than the second half.

So, on to my favourites from the last six months...


What book(s) have been your favourite this year?


  1. I’ve been trying to write a list for days but it makes me miserable having to choose, so I’m not going to :)
    Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. Haha - it is pretty tricky creating end of year book lists!

  2. I hope to have my list up soon! I do the same, kind of a favorites list of books I just really enjoyed!! :)

    The Familiars was so good, I agree. :) And I really want to read that Expeditions Unpacked book!

  3. The Starless Sea has been popping up on a lot of lists I'm seeing today!


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