Monday, 2 December 2019

Reading Record | Concluding Nonfiction November

My reading record posts are a way for me to document all things bookish and reading in my life - I aim to post these consistently, with them most often being in a weekly format, however readathons & certain books have their own specific reading record.

This reading record concludes the month of November & my participation in Nonfiction November.

Currently reading: 
Expeditions Unpacked: What Great Explorers Took into the Unknown by Ed Stafford (on page 104)
Waterfalls of Stars: My Ten Years on the Island of Skomer by Roseanne Alexander (on page 188)

Today I returned to fiction reading after a week of reading purely NF, picking up a library borrow: Say Say Say by Lila Savage. I don't know much about this book, only what the blurb states, so it'll be an interesting experience not knowing much going in... As book bloggers typically we've already heard a bunch about a book (often picking it up due to the recommendations of others) before delving in. I read 33 of the 162 pages; I like the detail with which the author writes.

I read another handful of explorer profiles in Expeditions Unpacked - I love how I'm learning more about modern day explorers as my current knowledge is largely of historical expeditions. 

Small amount read in Say Say Say today; I'm at the 50 page mark now.

I picked Waterfalls of Stars back up today, reading to page 207. 

This morning I read three more expeditions within Expeditions Unpacked, including the writer's own exploration of the Amazon - journeying the length of the Amazon river. I do think I'm on track to have this book completed by the end of the month.

I also did further reading in Waterfalls of Stars today, meaning I am now on page 262. Whilst it is wonderful reading all about the nature & wildlife on Skomer, there are some hardships and unpredictable experiences shared too which make for emotional reading at times.

I finished reading Expeditions Unpacked today - I loved it & would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this line of nonfiction. I have included a few pictures of the book above (front & back cover plus a couple of snippets inside). I enjoyed reading about all the explorers, with my favourite inclusion being of the Sherpa at the very end. Recommend!

I also read a little more in Waterfalls of Stars - on page 286.

Finished reading Waterfalls of Stars today, and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in wildlife nonfiction, particularly here in the UK. Not only was the nature element interesting to read, but also the life story side of it too. Roseanne Alexander moved to Skomer, with her husband, to work as wardens of the island, and so the experience of living & working on a remote island (with visitors during the summer season) is quite a unique one. I did take me a while to finish this book, with that partly being to do with the size of it but also the fact that at times it did feel a little repetitive, however I think that is only naturally so given the overall topic at hand. 

Late evening I read more of Say Say Say, up to page 85, and ultimately decided to DNF it; I haven't been gravitating towards this book at all. As I mentioned much earlier on in the week, I did enjoy the writing style of observations & perceptions from the author (the every day if you will), however I just didn't find the overall story engaging. As I say, the book is largely about the day to day, mundane even, so I think it makes sense in a way that it moved at the slow pace and wasn't engaging (as often times that is day to day life) - I think I could have loved this book, however it just wasn't the right time for me. In contrast, the following day I picked up a book by James Patterson and have been whizzing through it.
So that concludes the month of November - I read 8 books in total this month, with 6 of those being nonfiction & 2 being fiction; it has been a good & varied reading month.


Happy reading!


  1. I haven't read much nonfiction this year but I've really been wanting to pick some more up. I love the sound of Expeditions Unpacked. Seems like it would be a great one to read a bit at a time from.

  2. That's a good reading month, hope December is equally good.


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