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Reading Record | Pages & Co: Tilly and the Lost Fairytales by Anna James

My reading record posts are a way for me to document all things bookish and reading in my life - I aim to post these consistently, with them most often being in a weekly format, however readathons and certain books have their own specific reading record.

In this post I'll be sharing notes I jotted down whilst reading the second book in the Pages & Co by Anna James: Tilly and the Lost Fairytales. I have previously shared a reading record post on the first book in this series, which you can find here.

Much like the first in the series, whilst I'm sharing my thoughts, I aim to keep this post spoiler free... However, being the second in the series, this could very well contain spoilers regarding book one, but I have tried to avoid these.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Pages & Co book, finding it be a cosy middle grade full of books, magic and friendship; I am keen to see how the story continues.

Side note: When I went to purchase this book from my local Waterstones store, I was happy to see they had signed copies - YAY!

The story so far has done a good job of recapping the first book (jogging our memory shall we say) whilst jumping straight in to the plot of this book.

A new head librarian is to be appointed at the British Underlibrary (whose motto - to read is to wander - I still greatly admire) following on from events in book 1; due to this their is uncertainty in the world of bookwandering.

'... The one thing I am sure of is that something strange is afoot.' - page 50.

I'm intrigued to see how this pans out, and how it affects the bookwandering community that I've found myself so invested in. 

'"... Melville's plan to use so much book magic is deeply concerning."'

Interesting learning more about the inner workings of the Underlibrary and how book magic works.

Mention of Anne of Green Gables (Tilly & Anne are rather fond of each other) - I can't believe I STILL haven't got round to this book series yet.

PAGE 112
Tilly & Oskar (her best friend) are now in Paris visiting Oskar's family for a few days during the Christmas holidays.

'... Tilly thought how nice it would be to have two days without any bookwandering, or bookbinding, or any kind of magic at all.' - page 111

I think this is the time that adventures are going to ensue.

PAGE 129
What ?!? No way!

Tilly & Oskar are at a bookshop in Paris with Clara, Oskar's grandmother, and I did not see this revelation coming!

PAGE 222
I've just finished the fairytale section of the story and loved it! I like all the tales that have been included, and how they are all woven together also. 

Anna James has a delightful writing style, with the humour being something I'm particularly enjoying in book two.

PAGE 255-256
'"A book will welcome any reader; any age, any background, any point of view. Books don't care if you can understand every word in them, or if you want to skip bits or reread bits. Books welcome everyone who wants to explore them..."'

PAGE 320
Hmm... I don't know if I entirely trust this Gretchen character... Especially now.

PAGE 346
I think maybe Tilly should have listened to Oskar on this one... Things are taking a sinister turn.

PAGE 386
I'm interested to know more about the collection of items Tilly has amassed throughout this book. What do they mean? I believe this question will be answered in the finally book of the series, which I'm already greatly anticipating. 

I have loved every minute of returning to this book series.


  1. I loved the first book, but this book isn't available in my library, do you know where I could find this book?

    1. I purchased my copy from the local high street retailer here: Waterstones. I think sometimes if you put a request in at the library, they can see about carrying it - but I think that just depends on the library though. I hope you're able to find a copy soon.


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