Saturday, 23 May 2020

Reading With My Six Year Old | Autumn + Winter

As well as documenting my own reading here, I also love talking about reading with my son, Alexander. Alexander is now six years old and still holds a keen interest in reading... He is coming along with his own reading, but definitely much prefers to be read to, rather than being the reader. 

This post covers (well a general gist of) our reading during the past seasons of autumn & winter. I have also included a week of bedtime stories during this period, as this is one of our favourite times to read together; winding down from the day. Anyway, on to the post...

Alexander has a collection of Mr Men & Little Miss books that were actually passed on to him from Nathan's own childhood - the collection is not a full one, but it is pretty significant, and we have added on to it a little ourselves. 

There was a period of time during autumn & winter where I don't recall us reading ANYTHING BUT Mr Men & Little Miss books! You know when you're at the point of over reading books that you try to subtly suggest others - we were well and truly at that stage! Ha!

Alexander finds this collection of books a lot of fun and loves spotting the characters that aren't the title characters, and remembering their story - for example, Mr Impossible in Little Miss Naughty.

After the slight Mr Men obsession, this then transferred to his collection of Paddington books! Alexander says he loves all the Paddington books, but seems to favour the original story of the Browns and Paddington meeting, as well as one where they go to the circus, and one where Paddington and Mr Gruber take a trip to Little Venice in London. 

Each Christmas we gift Alexander with a bag of books alongside his other presents - this is the main way that his book collection grows. The bag is full of books pertaining to Alexander's interests, with a mix of fiction & nonfiction. This year the bag included more books in the Zoe's Rescue Zoo series (Alexander loves this chapter book series), some books about the continents and also some wonderful large (& I mean LARGE) nonfiction animal books: The Magnificent Book of Animals & The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures. These books feature a different animal on each double page spread, with fact files and the most beautifully detailed illustrations; they are a joy to read.

(Ocean Creatures is the book pictured in the opening image of this post)

During the February half term we were able to take a trip to the library together, with Alexander picked out a bunch of books. Many of Alexander's borrows were rainforest focused (both stories & information), and they inspired him to write his own rainforest book: walking through the rainforest, detailing the sights & sounds. Making his own books is something Alexander has really gotten in to recently.


Reading with Alexander is one of my favourite things to do, and I love that I'm able to document that here.


  1. Aw I love this post! It sounds like so many great reading memories being made. And I loved the Little Mr and Miss books as a kid too! :)

    1. Ah, thanks Erin.

      I don't remember the Mr Men & Little Miss books from my own childhood, but am still getting amusement out of them now even as an adult!


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