Monday, 14 September 2020

Reading With My Six Year Old | Spring + Summer

Alongside documenting my own reading here on Reading with Jade, I also like to share about reading with my son, Alexander. 

The spring & summer months have looked a lot different to how any of us could have even imagined at the beginning of the year, but as with many other people around the world, we've just been doing our best to muddle through... One thing that has been a constant for us during this time is books and we've found great solace in reading.

I've mentioned in previous posts that Alexander's reading has been progressing at a good and steady rate, however he preferred to be read to rather than read aloud himself, with this being most evident in the school level reading system; the act of reading his weekly school book was very much a chore. Well, when the schools went into lockdown, Alexander's pace of reading and interest in reading aloud himself came on quickly and he has taken great joy in books... It has been wonderful to see him love reading himself, and for it not just to feel like a school work. 

Alexander loves reading in his bed of an evening, with a stack of books under his pillow and mini torch in hand, reading past bedtime... And I am more than happy to let him do so!

With regards to picture books (& honestly all things in life) Alexander is very much a child who sticks with what he knows and loves, so we've seen a lot of familiar faces these last few months with regards to picture books - PERCY THE PARK KEEPER and the MR MENLITTLE MISS books have been firm favourites, along with the occasional PADDINGTON book & THE DINOSAUR THAT POOPED series.

We have reread some of the ZOE'S RESCUE ZOO books, which are still very much loved around here. 

A new series has been enjoyed also - MONSTERS AND CHIPS. This is a series about a monster named Fuzzby who owns a diner that specialises in chips, but chips with some interesting additions. This monster world is uncovered when 'hooman' Joe discovers the diner by chance, and soon finds himself working there and being immersed in the monster world. Alexander finds this series hilarious and loves the whole cast of characters, with Barry (the cat who is most definitely not a cat) and the Guzzelin family (who appear throughout the story, and have funny little side remarks on the bottom of some pages) being his favourites. 

Usborne & DK are our go to publishers when it comes to nonfiction, with DK books being devoured during the last few months; in particular the DK Eyewitness range. 

During our last visit to the library (back very early on in spring before everything was locked down) Alexander picked out DK EYEWITNESS ANIMAL. We worked through reading this book together and absolutely loved it - the layout, the information, all great and engaging (even I learnt a few new facts). On the back cover of this book Alexander noticed others in the range and we ordered the DINOSAUR edition and also the one covering the AMAZON also (two of Alexander's favourite things). We've now read through these cover to cover also, and a request has been put in for the OCEAN and SHARK books.
Reading with Alexander is one of my favourite things to do, and I love that I'm able to document that here.


  1. I'm so glad your son's reading is really flourishing! My son is a bit older (10) but just doesn't seem to enjoy the actual act of reading. He's above grade level but never willingly picks up a book for pleasure. He does love stories and loves being read to and listening to audio books so I'm calling it good for now and just crossing my fingers that actually enjoying reading will come soon enough!

    1. Thank you, Katherine.

      Yes - that was Alexander prior to this whole 'lockdown' period of life; a love of stories but not reading. I think it is great to even have that love of stories though as it is a good foundation to build on.

      I think as bookish mamas we just want our children to love reading as much as we do. Haha!

  2. What a sweet picture of your little guy! I love looking back through the pictures of my kids reading at various ages. Now that my son is a giant middle schooler, I still try to catch pictures of him reading so I can reminisce about the books he loved as a little kid.

    It's so interesting to see how they read differently in different situations. I found that my 2nd grader was much more willing to do the reading herself if she hasn't been in school that day. She was happy to practice reading in the summer; now she would prefer I read to her.

    1. Thanks Lindsey; a picture I will treasure for sure!

      Yes, I agree, it is so interesting observing the reading quirks of our children, and especially how they change over time and during different periods of life - I suppose all readers are like that though, even us big ones. Ha!


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