Friday, 23 October 2020

Reading Record | Pages & Co: Tilly and the Map of Stories by Anna James

My reading record posts are a way for me to document all things bookish and reading in my life - I aim to post these consistently, with them most often being in a weekly format, however readathons and certain books will have their own specific reading record.

In this post I'm sharing the thoughts I jotted down whilst reading the third book in the Pages & Co trilogy: Tilly and the Map of Stories. I have shared similar style posts for book 1 and book 2 also.

Much like the other posts, I do aim to keep this post spoiler free... However, being the third in a series, this may include spoilers from the first two books, but I will do my best to avoid these also. 

Having flicked through the book, ever so briefly,  I have seen that Anna James has included a 'Previously in this series' feature at the start of the book - I LOVE and appreciate this.

Other than that, I look forward to seeing where this series goes and how it concludes.

'Tilly ran her fingers along her shelves, trying to summon that faith she had always had in the serendipity of a bookshelf - that you often ended up finding exactly the right book at the right time.'

Lots of familiar faces featured so far. 

Tilly is still set on wanting to find the Archivists by travelling to the Library of Congress in America, with her grandparents, in particular her Grandad, being against this... Is he just trying to keep Tilly safe, or does he know more than he is letting on?!

It also seems like there is going to be building of the relationship between Tilly and her mum, Bea.

Well, things escalated quickly...

'Good bookshops are hard to resist after all.'

PAGE 105
Ooo... Book wandering politics. 

PAGE 131
I love when characters in a book talk about how they AREN'T characters in a book... Is there a word for this?

PAGE 143
Dun, dun, DUN!

PAGE 184
Sesquipedalian - means long words, or the sort of person who loves using long words. 

You learn something new every day eh.

PAGE 235
Book magic is used in a great many ways, so it seems. 

PAGE 237
'"So the Archive is made of magic?" Oskar clarified. 

"Yes - it's made of imagination," Artemis said. "And imagination is pure magic."'

PAGE 250
The inclusion of classic literary writers - genius! 

PAGE 295
Anna James has such a way with words - double meanings, clever word play, and poetic even.

PAGE 375
'"...there isn't a book out there that hasn't meant something to someone at some point."'

Wait... That most definitely does not feel like THE END of a trilogy! I mean, the story of this actual book was resolved, yes, but yet still such an open ending.

Adding the book to Goodreads, I saw Anna James replied to a comment and confirmed that there will be more Pages & Co books, but this is the end of the first trilogy. Hmm... Interesting! I'm very intrigued by this.


  1. This is a series I'm looking forward to reading but have yet to pick up even the first book. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it even with the open ending. Definitely sounds weird to end a trilogy with so many open ended aspects - even if it is part of a series.

    1. Right?! But intriguing too...

      I hope you're able to pick up this series some point in the future - it is full of bookish goodness, characters with heart, and so much more; true cosy reads.


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