Monday, 26 October 2020

A Weekend of Reading | Cosy Reading Weekend

Over the weekend I took part in Cosy Reading Weekend, hosted by Lauren from Lauren and the Books. Typically Lauren holds this event of an evening, and the occasional afternoon, with three hours of relaxing reading time, however this time she decided to host a bumper event with a cosy reading night (Friday 7pm-10pm), cosy reading afternoon (Saturday 2pm-5pm) and a cosy reading morning (Sunday 7am-10am) - making one lovely cosy reading weekend!

Going into the event I had three books in mind to alternate between - The Ghost of Gosswater by Lucy Strange (a historical middle grade fiction & my only physical book), Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte (a classic that I'm reading via audiobook), and Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance (a nonfiction memoir that I had already started, briefly, in ebook format). 

I started the evening with a relaxing bubble bath, listening to the first chapter of Agnes Grey on audio - 25 minutes in total.

I followed this by picking up my physical book - The Ghost of Gosswater - reading the first 55 pages. I have loved both of Lucy Strange's previous middle grade novels, and so far this is proving to follow that same path. 

Although the reading time runs until 10pm... I was tucked up in bed by 9.30pm!

Today is a perfect reading day - the sky is covered with thick clouds and there is a constant rainfall. We did pop into the garden for a little bit of time - for some fresh air and to see the fish in the pond - but other than that, I plan to be indoors all day: under blankets, book(s) in hand, consuming copious amounts of tea.

I picked up both Hillbilly Elegy (reading 25 pages) and The Ghost of Gosswater (reading 30 pages) before the reading event today.

Much like yesterday, I started my cosy reading time with my audiobook, listening to a further two chapters in Agnes Grey, being roughly 40 minutes in length and having passed the hour mark as a whole in the audiobook.

I clearly stuck with the same pattern as yesterday, because after my time with my audiobook I picked up The Ghost of Gosswater once again - reading over 100 pages and passing the half way mark in this book. I have spoken about Lucy Strange and her writing on this blog before, but it is hard to put in to words just how beautifully she writes. 

In the evening I returned to Hillbilly Elegy and read a further 15 pages.

In comparison to my other current reads it seems like I'm getting through Hillbilly Elegy at a much slower pace... Which would make sense as it is denser than a middle grade fiction book, however it is also worth noting that some of the ebooks from the library have this TEENY TINY font meaning there is much more on a page than usual. My ebook for Hillbilly Elegy is just under 140 pages, whereas the hardback edition of this book has near enough 260 pages (according to Goodreads) - so that should given some comparison to the size of the font in the ebook. 

Anyway, the book itself is proving to be a good read - it is exposing me to an environment/community that I am not particularly familiar with being from across the pond in the UK... Despite that, I will say there are elements of J.D. Vance's life (well, childhood so far) that I have found myself relating to through own personal childhood experience.

The clocks changed overnight here in the UK, going back, and so initially when I woke up seeing 7.20am on my phone I thought I was late for the morning portion of this cosy reading event... But I do this every time when the clocks change - I FORGET MY PHONE DOESN'T CHANGE THE TIME AUTOMATICALLY (as I don't have a smart phone) - and so it turned out that I had plenty of time before the morning reading portion as it was actually 6.20am now. Dear me! So I had my morning cup of tea and breakfast before getting stuck into The Ghost of Gosswater at 7am on the dot. 

By 8am I had finished the remaining 100ish pages within The Ghost of Gosswater - my first, and only, book of the weekend complete. And what a pleasure that book was to read! There is something really special, and classical even, about Lucy Strange's books and the way in which she writes. So much so that I didn't even pick up another book within the 7-10am time frame, choosing to sit with my thoughts on The Ghost of Gosswater instead. 

If you are a reader of middle grade books I highly recommend checking out Lucy Strange's books - they are quite gothic in nature, with unfolding mysteries, and settings + characters that truly capture you.

I did think I'd read more outside of the cosy reading morning event today, but I actually didn't as the day just ran its course without me picking up another book. 

So I am going into the new week with time remaining on my Agnes Grey audiobook and also less than half of Hillbilly Elegy left to read... I hope to finish them before the end of the month (fingers crossed).


Happy reading!


  1. That Cosy Reading Weekend sounds like such a lovely event! I'm going to have to follow Lauren so I can participate next time around (I hope there's a next time).

  2. That sounded fun Jade.

    I haven't read a cozy in a while but, with my pre-election stress, I plan on reading one this week: Nursing Homes Are Murder; Mike Belefer

  3. I love the idea of a Cozy Reading Weekend. I will have to watch for the next one.

  4. This sounds like a fun event! And reading when it's rainy outside is the best. :)

  5. I participated in Cosy Reading Night once. It was nice. The time zones usually don’t work out in my favor for that event. I’m glad you got a lot of reading done!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I know, it can be tricky with time zones when the event is held outside of your country.


  6. This sounds amazing!! I love this time of year. :) I will have to check out Lucy Strange. :)

  7. This sounds lovely! I've really been enjoying bubble baths and audio books lately - it's just so relaxing. I didn't know cozy reading weekend was a thing but I love it!


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