Monday, 23 November 2020

Reading Record | Finishing the Winternight Trilogy

My reading record posts are a way for me to document all things bookish and reading in my life - I aim to post these consistently, with them most often being in a weekly format, however readathons and certain books will have their own specific reading record.

I've actually extended this reading record post a little longer than a week as I was focusing on finishing the Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden, and it made sense to me to keep all of that in the one post - so here is 10 days worth of reading.

I started the week by finishing the last three short stories within Murder Under the Christmas Tree, which is a short story collection of festive mysteries, that I carried over from last week. The book was varied, and as with all short stories collections, I enjoyed some stories more than others. Last week I read Murder on Christmas Eve, the same style of book, and I would say I preferred that collection of stories more than this.

Having now finished the short story collection, I can focus solely on the Winternight trilogy and dare I say, finish it this week?! (BLOG POST SPOILER: it took me longer than a week - I was a tad ambitious there).

This evening I read a further 33 pages within The Girl in the Tower (book 2 of the Winternight trilogy), meaning I have less than 100 pages left now.

I actually paused at a crucial turning point in The Girl in the Tower yesterday, so I found when I picked back up where I left off I was wholly engrossed in the book and finished the remaining pages in the ONE SITTING!

I have enjoyed my time with this book - in particular, I have really appreciated the folklore and politics and how those have both evolved; I'm looking forward to seeing the direction book three takes.

Although I'm looking forward to book three, I thought it would be nice to take a brief breather between the books in the series and downloaded a thriller on ebook from the library: The End of Her by Shari Lapena. I have read one other book by this author previously and it was a good reading experience, so I hope for much the same with this title.

This evening I read the first 101 pages of the 240 pages in The End of Her by Shari Lapena; you could say I am gripped! The storyline is really interesting, with much mystery & paranoia, and the cast of characters is varied and connect in unexpected ways - I feel for Stephanie, one of the main characters, not knowing who to believe in her life.

In two sittings today I finished the remainder of The End of Her. I was pretty invested in this book from the very beginning and would definitely recommend it to those who like this genre of book - it had a good build up, well written tension, with twists and turns towards the end; exactly what you look for in a thriller mystery.

Having said that, I do want to share a gripe I personally did have with this story, and that was the actions of one character in particular feeling very out of character as the story concluded. I obviously can't state what that was, in order to keep this spoiler free, however it did feel unexpected and as I said, out of character, so that did bother me a little as a reader... Hmm, perhaps I just more didn't want that for that specific character. There is much depth to this thriller and it definitely makes you think about people - what you think you know about them.

Anyway, this was my second Shari Lapena, and I don't see it being my last - I have more books in her backlist to work through. If you've thought about picking up one of her books before, then I urge you to do so.

I have started book three in the Winternight trilogy - The Winter of the Witch - reading 43 pages this morning. The story picked up right where it left off in the last book and there have been some pretty powerful scenes already.

Just under 100 pages read in The Winter of the Witch.

More progress in current read - 61 pages. I feel like at this point in the book the plot is well set up, which is when I tend to start reading at a slower pace (around the middle) so we'll see how my reading of this book goes from here.

I read to the end of part 4 in The Winter of the Witch today, I think this was just under 40 pages read in total. 

Still working my way through The Winter of the Witch, with 48 pages read today. Pieces are being pulled together for a conclusion now.

No reading done today.

This afternoon I read the remaining 70 pages within The Winter of the Witch, meaning I completed my aim of reading the Winternight trilogy in its entirely this autumn - YAY!

I have greatly enjoyed my time with this series; it has been wonderful, beautiful, and immersive. The series as a whole has such great depth - from main character Vasilisa, to elements of folklore, the politics of Russia, and much more. This is definitely the kind of series that you have to commit to, and I'm glad I waited until the series was finished publishing in paperback, so I could consume all three books close together as there are many finer details that are also very important to the story (& I would not of retained them had I read them by publication year). I'm so glad I took the time to read this series and I have come away with a great appreciation for Katherine Arden's writing.


Happy reading!


  1. Lovely post! I won all three books in a giveaway and must read them sometime as they do sound very good!

    1. Oh, lucky! I hope you enjoy them when you do get round to reading them.

  2. What a great reading week! I'm glad you enjoyed the books so much.

  3. I'd love to read some short story collections of holiday mysteries. And glad the Arden book worked out!

    1. I've found some wonderful holiday mysteries to read this year, and am happy to share them as you don't often hear about this genre when it comes to festive fiction. I hope you're able to enjoy some this year!

  4. I really enjoyed that series. :) And the festive mysteries sound awesome!

    1. I'm so glad to have committed to reading the Winternight trilogy - I loved my time with it. Good to hear you had a similar experience :-)


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