Friday, 11 December 2020

Reading Ambience | Christmas

For a little while now I've taken to putting on background sounds whilst reading, turning to the plethora of ambience videos that can be found on YouTube. Following on from this I created my 'Reading Ambience' series, curating lists of ambience videos that share a common theme.

With just a couple of weeks left until Christmas Day now, I thought today I'd share eight videos I have been dipping in and out of that make the perfect accompaniment to any genre of festive fiction.

This list is slightly different to previous ones as half of the videos include music, not just sounds, which I know can be a hindrance to some when reading, so those videos are marked (M) as a guide.

All links will take you to YouTube

Whilst these lists are aimed at being reading ambience, I will admit to putting a couple of these on now and again, with no reading being undertaken, just to bask in the Christmas cheer!



  1. How interesting, I like some ambient noise to fall asleep to but have never read to it.

    1. I used to be very anti sound when reading, but have quite taken to it this year. Lovely to hear how ambient noise helps you.

  2. I haven't felt very Christmas-y this year but this might just be the perfect thing to read to and maybe get me in the Christmas spirit.

  3. These are nice. Here's one I've been playing in the background on and off the last few weeks. I may even have seen it here lol.


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