Monday, 25 January 2021

Recommended Reading | Read in 2020 (My Year in Books)

With the new year now here (well & truly, this post is going up much later then I intended) it is time to look back at the wide variety of books read last year, and share a list of those I would recommend the most.

In 2020 I did share two book reflection posts, looking at my favourites for the first half of the year and the second half, however my end of year 'Recommended Reading' is slightly different to my favourites. For me, favourites are very feelings based whereas the books I'm sharing here today may not have been a favourite (although many are) but they are titles that I think should be read by others for a whole host of reasons - each reason being individual to the book, of course, however with the overriding point being a powerful story (whether fiction or nonfiction).

I read 116 books in 2020, and of those books, these 17 are the ones I recommend the most.

All books are listed in order of reading, with title links taking you to Goodreads

What book(s) did you read, enjoy, and would recommend, in 2020?
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