Monday, 8 February 2021

A Weekend of Reading | First Book of February Finished

In which I finish my first book of the month & make good progress with current nonfiction reads.

This morning I sat and read for roughly about two hours (from 8 until 10) and it was just lovely. 

I started by reading 41 pages within The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. This means I've now passed the half way mark; I'm still just as captured as I was at the start. The History of Love is slow and complex, but in a good way, with a nice balance of character/plot focus - it isn't driven more towards one or the other.

Following on from this - perhaps enjoying my reading and copious amounts of tea a bit too much, not wanting it to end (ha!) - I picked up Thinking on my Feet by Kate Humble. I spoke about this book in my last post here on Reading with Jade, explaining how I am reading it as the time passes, what with the book itself spanning an entire year. So in this sitting I read the entries for the month of February - 19 pages in total - and so that'll be my time with this book until I pick it up again in March. 

When I last mentioned Thinking on my Feet, I said how I find myself nodding along with many of the sentiments Kate Humble writes, and so I thought I'd share one such quote from this February reading... 

'This is what I love about experiencing the world at walking pace: the small but significant luxury of having the time and headspace to notice details that make me feel part of my surroundings. A sense of belonging, rather than passing through.'

I know it is still early on in the year (REAL early on), but I do see this book being one of my favourites from 2021.

In the afternoon I read a further 34 pages within The History of Love (steady progress) and also took the time to make some book reservations on the digital library app as I have yet to utilise the system so far this year (some books are due in a week or so, and others not until April time). 

Before bed I once again picked up The History of Love, reading another 32 pages before calling an end on my day.

After coming back from a walk this morning, I fittingly picked up A History of the World in 500 Walks, reading 17 pages from chapter two - The Ancient World.

This afternoon I read the remaining 50ish pages in The History of Love, making this book my first finished book of February. 

I found The History of Love to be a really touching book, with great emphasis on human kind, love, connection and much, much more (all the emotions!). The concept of an item (in this case, a book) bringing together the storylines, and in turn characters, is a plot device I really quite liked - if you have any recommendations of other books that use this plot element, I'd love to know them. 

I will try and talk more about The History of Love in my reading wrap up at the end of the month, but TRY is the keyword there, as I do often find when it comes to the books that truly capture me, I have little to say as I just know my words won't do the story justice.

Having finished The History of Love quite early on in the afternoon, I did anticipate starting a new book by time night arrived, however that wasn't to be. Some books you really need to sit with and process, whilst holding your feelings about it for a while; I'm finding this to be the case for me with The History of Love. 

Perhaps tomorrow I will see myself with a new book in hand, perhaps not...



  1. It's nice when you can get a nice chunk of reading time in! I like the concept of an item or book bringing together timelines or different plot threads as well. Letters from Skye was like that- it was an epistolary story and I thought was nicely done. A little out of my usual reading but I quite enjoyed it.

  2. Love the idea that you're reading the Kate Humble book through the year.

  3. The History of Love sounds really good. It definitely sounds like a read that would leave you with a lot to think about and take in afterwards.

    1. The History of Love is very much just that type of read.

  4. All of your books look so wonderful! I really love the sound of Thinking On My Feet. Sounds like on I need to put on my list.

    1. Oh do, Katherine - it is proving to be a wonderful read so far.


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