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Hi, I'm Jade, and this here is my little space on the internet to talk about all things bookish. Grab a cuppa and read away!

Originally from London, I've settled down in Wales with my little family consisting of my husband, Nathan, and our son, Alexander. Currently, I'm a stay at home mum, but have plans to retrain career wise once my son starts school. I'm very much a homebody, and most of my hobbies pertain to said environment - reading, blogging, scrapbooking, puzzles, board games. I consume far too much tea and chocolate, and love all things Disney.

Regarding reading, as far as my memories go back, I've always been a reader. My love for reading definitely heightened in my mid teens, when reading became very much a form of escapism as I had a lot going on in my life. Since then my love of reading has only grown and I pretty much pick up a book to read each and every day.

Both Nathan and I are big readers, and this has definitely played a part in my son becoming a bit of a bookworm also.

I first started blogging about books back in 2012, and whilst I have been in and out of the community (for various reasons) I'm very much here to stay now. I've always returned to the book blogging community and that's for a couple of reasons 1. It is such a lovely community + I've made some great blogging friends here and 2. I just want to talk about books all the time!

Seriously, there are very few people in my day to day life that love reading, and so it's great to be able to turn on my computer and chat away to like minded people and fellow bookworms.

In terms of the types of books I read, I'm very much a mood reader and that definitely shows in my eclectic taste in books. I enjoy books aimed at adults, young adults, middle grade children, and I've also come to love picture books having read them with my son. Genre wise, I don't stick to the one area, however I would say my comfort zone is with mystery / thriller / crime novels.

I'm not a blogger who reviews all the books that I read, however I do like to share about the titles that I'd recommend to others... This isn't because I want to keep my book blog a positive only area - I think it's important to address books that didn't work so well for you - however I only put time into those that I enjoyed. For this reason I do tend to DNF books I'm not enjoying anyway.

I'm a big re-reader, and absolutely love returning to tried & true stories that hold a comfort, joy and nostalgia for me.

There is no content schedule here on Reading with Jade, however I do share a variety of posts regularly.


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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth - an email has been sent your way :-)


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