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Hi, I'm Jade, and this here is my little space on the internet to talk about all things bookish. Grab a cuppa and read away!

Originally from London, I've settled down in South Wales with my little family consisting of my husband, Nathan, and our son, Alexander. I'm very much a homebody, and most of my hobbies pertain to said environment - reading, blogging, puzzles, board games. Whilst I do spend a good amount of time in the comfort of my own home - thanks to my introverted personality - I do really enjoy the great outdoors; walking, exploring, photographing and soaking up the landscape that surrounds us. Also, I consume far too much tea and chocolate, and love all things Disney.

I first started blogging about books back in 2012, and whilst I have been in and out of the community (for various reasons) I'm very much here to stay now. I've always returned to the book blogging community and that's for a couple of reasons: 1. It is such a lovely community + I've made some great blogging friends here and 2. I just want to talk about books all the time!

Seriously, there are very few people in my day to day life that love reading, and so it's great to be able to turn on my laptop and chat away to like minded people and fellow bookworms.

Reading with Jade is where I document my book journey - I (try to) share weekly reading record posts (where I talk all the bookish things from my week), as well as reviews of books I love & would recommend, the occasional discussion post, seasonal reading lists, and I also share quarterly updates on my son's book journey too.

There is no set schedule on my blog, however I do try to share pretty regularly.

Regarding reading, as far as my memories go back, I've always been a reader. My love for reading definitely heightened in my mid teens, when reading became very much a form of escapism as I had a lot going on in my life. Since then my love of reading has only grown and I pretty much pick up a book to read each and every day.

Both Nathan and I are big readers, and this has definitely played a part in our son becoming a bit of a bookworm also.

As with most people, I definitely have a reading comfort zone, with an eclectic mix of books I naturally gravitate towards - adventurous middle grade reads, fiction with a focus on family (more specifically, sagas & secrets), page turning thrillers, and non fiction titles about books or that are about travel experiences & expeditions. I DNF quite frequently (life is too short to be reading books you aren't connecting with) and I'm also a big re-reader; I absolutely love returning to tried & true stories that hold comfort, joy and nostalgia for me.

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